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Emotion Other Related Emotions What is needed to Move Up?    
Love Peace, Joy, Freedom, Serenity, Authentic, Caring, Aware, Flowing, Kind, Hopeful      
Acceptance Patience, Compassion, Understanding, Merciful, Thankful, Respectful, Tolerant      
Courage Bold, Daring, Confident, Decisive, Independent, Enthusiastic, Accomplished, Accountable, Energized, Eager, Adaptable      
Desire Ambitious, Persevering, Dutiful, Focused, Willing, Motivated Purpose    
Anger Frustrated, Aggressive, Hatred, Argumentative, Contrary, Furious, Vengeful, Truth, Release, or Forgiveness    

Dread, Alarm, Fretful, Insecure, Jealous, Worry, Anxious, Rage, Hatred,

Faith, Presence    
Apathy Uncaring, Indifferent, Unmotivated, Defeated, Depressed, Hopeless, Incapable, Powerless, Weak, Discouraged, Disempowered, Vision, Power    
Shame Guilt, Disgrace, Abandoned, Abused, Accused, Cheap, Shunned, Blame, Worthless, Identity, Worth    

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